Clarion Call Volume 5: SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE EXTENDED to JULY 15, 2019!!

The Agorist Writer’s Workshop is re-opening the call for submissions for Volume 5 of The Clarion Call!

Submission Guidelines  (4-page document, please download)

The Clarion Call is a competition-based annual anthology of short stories, featuring a different theme or genre each year. We encourage submissions from novice as well as professional writers. The best stories are selected for publication.

The theme for The Clarion Call, Vol. 5 is Religion and Spirituality.

“When we lose our spiritual vocabulary, we lose much more than words. We lose the power of speaking grace, forgiveness, love, and justice over others.” ― Jonathan Merritt

The Kinds of Stories We Are Looking For

  • This year, we are seeking fictional short stories containing libertarian/liberty concepts set within a plot involving religion and spirituality. We are looking for character-driven action and movement in the story.
  • Any libertarian or liberty angle is encouraged. Examples might be: personal autonomy and responsibility, freedom from tyranny (or fighting against tyranny), the non-aggression principle (NAP), voluntary association, agorism (free market exchange), or anarchy (a setting lacking government or rulers, or the pursuit thereof). Your story should offer a home to concepts of liberty, freedom, and individualism (whether these are successfully achieved by the main characters or not).
  • Stories invoking any religion or spiritual philosophy are welcome. Our judges come from a range of backgrounds and will adamantly not hold preference or disfavor for any particular belief system.
  • We want the overall flavor of this collection of stories to heal, motivate, inspire, and uplift. We want hearts to soar!

There is much, much more! 
Please download and save the full submission guidelines.