The Clarion Call, Vol. 4: FAIRYTALE RIOT


Enchantment, Adventure, and Liberty await!
FairyTale Riot, the fourth volume of The Clarion Call, is now available for pre-order.
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In this fourth volume of The Clarion Call, twenty-seven authors capture and retell the stories of our shared past – the fables we are told as children, the lore that continues to guide us through adulthood.
Within this collection of liberty-themed folklore, fables, and fairytales, these short stories:
Grow beyond the bounds of their first tellers, gaining in wisdom and power;
Break free from the borders of their homelands, crossing deserts, forests, mountains, and seas;
Evolve to challenge the mores and moods of this age—
While maintaining the timeless and enduring charm, insight, and guidance that made them classics.