The Clarion Call, Vol. 3

The 2017 Clarion Call For Submissions

Your Short Story Could be Published!

The Agorist Writers’ Workshop is seeking submissions for Volume 3 of The Clarion Call, our annual short story anthology of liberty and freedom-themed, libertarian speculative fiction.

So, dust off your quill pen, stock up on beverages, misplace your phone, and anything else you need to do to start writing. The genre for this year’s Clarion Call volume is Fantasy Fiction. From suburban wizards to the mist-drenched plateaus of the elven realm, put on your magical thinking cap and conjure up your best libertarian, liberty/freedom-themed fantasy story.



The Kind of Stories We Are Looking For

Story should be fantasy fiction that is a 
plot-driven, stand-alone story 
with a beginning and end. We are looking for action and movement in the story. Other, more experimental, formats will be considered for shorter works.

  • High fantasy, Low fantasy, Urban fantasy, Dark fantasy, Magical Realism, etc. – Volume 3 is open to all subgenres of Fantasy. Here are some sources on the Fantasy genre for ideas: and
  • If heavily influenced by another genre – for example “horror” with zombies or vampires or “sci-fi” with aliens or spaceships – the fantasy elements should be the strongest drivers of your story.
  • Your story should be consistent with themes of freedom, voluntary association, or other principles of libertarianism and anarchy (whether these are successfully achieved by the main characters or not). We’re not looking for stories about “good” nationalism fighting “evil” nationalism; however, stories that confront issues of tyranny and aggression are on-theme.
  • We are happy to review story concepts prior to submission or start of production in reference to these guidelines. Please send inquiries Include a brief summary of the setting, plot concept, and characters. We will reply only as to the acceptability of the concept under these guidelines, but will provide no other feedback. Please note that concept queries are not required.
  • Length: Preferred 1000-8000 words; will accept <1000 (flash length) up to 18000 words (for a truly epic, anchor-worthy story).
  • Do not submit story proposals, incomplete stories, or stories that are not publication ready. We are happy to answer concept queries prior to the submission deadline.

Direct all queries to

What the Anthology Project Is About

We chose the multi-author anthology as our literary medium in order to encourage community participation and boost interest in and exposure to the project and to the message of liberty. Fall 2017 will mark our third anthology publication, and we intend to continue to publish one new anthology per year. Our core goals are 1) to provide an accessible means for people to explore and voice their perspective in the liberty movement, 2) to expose new people to liberty concepts and address common difficulties people have with libertarianism, anarchy, and free market principles, and 3) to grow the reach and impact of the anthology itself by featuring more and diverse authors, and seek ways to ever-improve the project overall.

Submission deadline and publication schedule

  • Submissions are due July 1, 2017.
  • Acceptance/rejections notices will be sent by August 1, 2017.
  • The Vol. 3 anthology is slated for late November 2017 print and ebook release.


  • Winners will receive two free copies of the book and promotional exposure.

Content guidelines

  • Sexual content is not forbidden; however, please consider whether you need to include it in your story. It should further the story and not be used for gratuitous titillation. We ask that sexual content be suggestive (i.e. PG-13) rather than explicit.
  • Violent content is not forbidden; however, we cannot publish stories that advocate acts of pre-emptive, unjustified violence or abuse as a solution to problems (especially anything that may be viewed as terrorism). Violence as a plot device in your story should further the goal of the anthology and should not be overly gory or horrific for the sake of shock value.
  • As we seek to spread the underlying message to a broad audience, we strongly caution you to consider the use of profanity as well. Though again, not strictly forbidden, profanity and offensive language should be used to accentuate rather than as a crutch.
  • Do not use characters from other sources that are not in the public domain. Although at least one of the 8 anthology planners doesn’t believe in intellectual property rights, that’s no reason to go a-courtin’ trouble.


  • Send story submission via email
  • The subject of the email should read “2017 Anthology submission.”
  • Include your full name and story title in the body of the email.
  • Remove all identifying information (e.g., your name, address, email) from the manuscript.
  • Format must be in Word (.doc, .docx, etc.) or similar open-code program that allows for redlining and mark-ups.
  • Include the story title, a brief two sentence synopsis/teaser that we can use for marketing later, and the word count on the first page.
  • One story submission per person.
  • Set the margins for you document at 1.25” on all four sides.
  • Align to the left hand side only; the right hand side should remain jagged.
  • Use twelve point Times New Roman, Courier, or Arial in black type only.
  • Lines should be double spaced with no extra spaces between paragraphs.
  • Single space between sentences after periods.
  • Indent new paragraphs and each new section of dialogue. Don’t do this by hitting the tab key. Instead, set indentation to 0.3” in Word through Format->Paragraph->Indentation->First Line.
  • Indicate scene breaks by inserting a blank line and centering the hash sign (#) in the center of the line.


  • Upon receipt, your story will be anonymously filed separately from your email until time for review.
  • Judging is blind. During their review, judges will not know who wrote the stories.
  • Judging will be based on points earned. A total of 15 points can be awarded. 5 points each in these three categories: technical skill, originality, and handling of the anthology theme.
  • Judges will not reword any portion of your work, but you may receive edit suggestions and a request for resubmittal, with deadline. It is your prerogative to decline revision requests.

Rights and permissions

  • Submissions must be your original content to which you have rights of publication.
  • Submission to the contest implies consent for publication in this anthology and reprints of this volume.
  • Stories cannot have been published elsewhere previously.
  • You may submit your story to other competitions simultaneously, but if you are accepted for publication in another competition, please immediately withdraw from this one.
  • Winning stories may not be published elsewhere for 12 months after the first release of the 2017 Agorist Writers’ Workshop The Clarion Call, Vol. 3 anthology, at which time publication rights revert to the author.
  • Submission entails agreement and compliance with these terms and conditions.

Direct all queries to