The Clarion Call, Vol. 4: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!

The Agorist Writers’ Workshop is seeking submissions for Volume 4 of The Clarion Call!

It has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward, in counteraction to those that tend to tie it back. -Joseph Campbell

Mythology. The folklore, fables, and fairy stories passed down through the generations and across the world wide. We all know the themes. We’ve all played the characters. We have all dreaded the dark, sought the light, embraced the magical, and wondered at the horizon.

These tales, universal in so many ways, are our moral guideposts, our maps to the greater world, and our will-o-the-wisps that seduce us into the unknown.

The theme for The Clarion Call, Vol. 4 is Retellings of Classic Folklore, Fables, and Fairytales.

The very thing that makes these stories endure is their ability to be translated across time, geography and culture. We are looking for you to retell one of these classics to the here and now (wherever that may be for you). So tap into the zeitgeist of today and offer our readers a new guidepost, map, and will-o-the-wisp.

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Submission deadline and publication schedule
1. Submissions are due April 1, 2018
2. Acceptance/rejections notices will be sent by May 1, 2018
3. Volume 4 print and ebook release is slated for late July 2018