The Clarion Call, Vol. 3: UNBOUND

Congratulations to the Authors!

The Agorist Writers’ Workshop is thrilled to announce  the contributing authors to The Clarion Call, Vol. 3: UNBOUND.

The theme for our third libertarian anthology was fantasy fiction. We received many entries representing an impressively wide myriad of fantasy fiction sub-genres, and selected 15 of the best for this year’s publication.  We present fifteen talented writers with tales that are as imaginative and uniquely engaging as they are embodying the message of liberty. From trolls to mermaids to animal hybrids to dragons, we present this year’s winning entries!

Talonfire and the Tax Evader; From the Files of Talonfire, Griffin for Hire
by Bob Miller
Anchors Aweigh
by G.R. Lyons
Domesticated, But Not Tamed
by NB Williams
The Realm of the Unseen
by Allen Baird
The Naglis Uprising
by DA Schneider
A Boy and His Not-Dog
by Blake Smith
Black Moon
by Ronel Janse Van Vuuren
Grand Chart
by Lela Markham
by Christa Conklin
Seed of Fate
by Heather Biedermann
Necromancer for Hire
by Jakob Morris
by Cara Schulz
The Lure of Riches
by John M Olsen
Draoi Dissension
by Matthew Tanous
The Sword and the Stoner

by Bokerah Brumley

UNBOUND is slated for late November 2017 paperback and ebook release on

The theme and open call for submissions for Clarion Call, Vol. 4 will be made soon thereafter. Your story could be published!

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