About The Clarion Call Anthology Series

The Clarion Call is a competition-based annual anthology of short stories, featuring a different theme or genre each year with a focus of highlighting libertarian philosophy. We encourage submissions from novice as well as professional writers. The best stories are selected for publication.

Our first volume in the series, “Anarchy Rising”, published in September 2015, was an open-call for stories based around questions such as “What would true liberty look like in society – and what happens when there is no true liberty in a society?”

“Echoes of Liberty” was our second installment in the Clarion Call series, published in September 2016. The theme for this book was “Historical Fiction” with a liberty message. Stories ranged from historical retelling to complete alternate ending re-imagining of a historical setting or event.

“Unbound” was our third book in our growing collection of anthologies. Unbound’s theme was Fantasy.¬†Technology imbued with magic; Mythical beasts of the Air, Earth, and Water; Personal quests and world changing upheaval; Purpose, choice, responsibility, and discovery!

“FairyTale Riot”, the fourth volume of The Clarion Call, is now available to grace your bookshelf or tablet! In this fourth volume of The Clarion Call, twenty-seven authors capture and retell the stories of our shared past – the fables we are told as children, the lore that continues to guide us through adulthood.

“Fire & Faith” is our fifth volume in the series. Freedom is not purchased without sacrifice and significance in this world. It must be fought for with passionate fire and spirit, lest it be lost beyond all hope of recovery. And it often requires a leap of faith. In this fifth volume of the Clarion Call, thirteen authors explore the overlap between liberty and spiritual meaning and truth. A search and struggle which spans all space, all time, and all faiths. The universe awaits those who would grasp the eternal torch of liberty passed down through the ages. Those who would have the faith to believe that freedom is worth fighting for, and able to finally prevail. May these stories be added to the burning testimony of those who did not give up the fight for liberty, in fire and faith!

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