About The Clarion Call series


We are into the third year of our libertarian anthology series, The Clarion Call! Our books are theme-based annual anthologies consisting of stories written by you!

Our first volume in the series, “Anarchy Rising”, published in September 2015, focused on stories based around questions such as “What would true liberty look like in society – and what happens when there is no true liberty in a society?”

“Echoes of Liberty” was our second installment in the Clarion Call series, published in September 2016. The theme for this book was “Historical Fiction” with a liberty message. Stories ranged from historical retelling to complete alternate ending re-imagining of a historical setting or event.

And, we have begun work on Clarion Call, Volume 3.  The theme for Volume 3 is Comedy! Visit our home page for submission guidelines and deadlines.

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