Vol. 4: Fairytale Riot

FairyTale Riot is Alive!

Enchantment, Adventure, and Liberty await!
FairyTale Riot, the fourth volume of The Clarion Call, is now available to grace your bookshelf or tablet!

Digital https://amzn.to/2OQImAa
Paperback https://amzn.to/2PsjBuA

In this fourth volume of The Clarion Call, twenty-seven authors capture and retell the stories of our shared past – the fables we are told as children, the lore that continues to guide us through adulthood.
Within this collection of liberty-themed folklore, fables, and fairytales, these short stories:
Grow beyond the bounds of their first tellers, gaining in wisdom and power;
Break free from the borders of their homelands, crossing deserts, forests, mountains, and seas;
Evolve to challenge the mores and moods of this age—
While maintaining the timeless and enduring charm, insight, and guidance that made them classics.