Meet the Authors

We are pleased to announce our contributing authors for Clarion Call Volume 4: FAIRYTALE RIOT!

The theme for this year’s volume was Libertarian Retellings of Classic Folklore, Fables, and Fairytales.

Print and ebook release of Fairytale Riot is slated for late October 2018.


Congratulations, Writers!

Artie the Millenial by Alexandra Faye Carcich
The Emperor’s New Contract by Allen Baird
The Big Bad Elephant by Andrew Bundy
Sonic Sam of Boston by Billie Holladay Skelley
Godiva by Blake Jessop
The Turtle and the Rabbit by Cameron Metrejean
The Red Shoes by Cara Schulz
Tears on the Sword by Catulle Mendes
Kat, The Jailer, and Jack by Christa Conklin
The Road by Christine Cassello
The Fairy Mothers by DonnaRae Menard
A Tale of Two Boots by Dr. Jackie Ferris
Vision in Action by G.R. Lyons
The Katydid and the Katydidn’t by Genesis Mickel
Necromancer: Deal with the Dark Gods by Jakob Morris
The Bremen Town-Musicans by John M. Olsen
The Crowning Temptation by Justin Fowler
Meadowland by Justine Johnston Hemmestad
The Gingerbread House by Karen Over
Prince Perfect by Keturah Lamb
The Piper’s Last Song by Keturah Lamb
An Investment Returns by Lela Markham
Ashley by Lynne Lumsden Green
Frogs by Marie Anderson
Fait Acoompli by N. B. Williams
All That Glitters by Robina Rader
The Inn by Ronel Janse van Vuuren
Jehovah loves Gaia by Skian McGuire