Meet the Authors of Vol. 1

Jon Garett is co-creator of The Adventures of Seamus Tripp and author of Willy Wise’s Garden. He is a founding member of the Agorist Writers’ Workshop and partner in Very Good Books.
He lives and writes in Minnesota with his inspirations: three cats, a parakeet and his wife. He spends his non-writing time hiking and camping and hoping that through his literary enterprises he can entertain and inform a new audience about the world of voluntarism.

Calvin Mickel is a software developer, new father, and semi-retired gaming enthusiast (new father). He has been a fair-to-middling martial arts practitioner since childhood and a sporadic but enthusiastic reader for just as long. A lifelong aspirant, Calvin has an innate curiosity and enjoys pondering different perspectives and new ideas.

Peregrinus, at least in his own mind, is not ruled.

Mark Johnson is an author of software documentation and unauthorized, non-state-sponsored fiction. His company, Penelope Press, publishes illustrated children’s picture books that are enjoyed by dozens of readers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. He lives in Bloomington, MN.

Genesis Mickel, an ecologist by day, has been eaten by bot flies, run over by alligators, chased by snakes, and stuck up to her butt in muck. All while pretending to be a ninja. But mostly, she’s indoors writing reports. By night, Genesis aspires to find time to dust off her studio and do some art-making. Sometimes, though, she does get creative stuff done. Recently, Genesis wrote a short story called “The Transgressors” that got published in some kind of liberty-themed anthology.

Described as “an edgy 12 y/o, propably [sic] trying to troll.” by an edgy 12 year-old trying to troll. Christopher Burg’s first official act after becoming a Discordian pope was to excommunicate himself. Since then he has been advocating anarchism, agorism, and crypto-anarchism to anybody willing to listen. Dubbing himself as a discount security advisor to the proles, he tries to teach his fellow radicals how to use technology to avoid the gaze of Big Brother. In his spare time he enjoys long walks on the beach, judo, iaido, trips to the gun range, and annoying statists. Connect with Christopher on Twitter at @ComradeBurg.

Equal parts hero and fool, Niklas Ludwig speaks, writes, educates and generally spreads himself too thin. Like all humans at birth, he is a rational anarchist, but since he knows that most people forget this as adults, he does not let that circumscribe the boundaries of his friendships. When not hosting economics meetups, planning agorist festivals, and selling insurance, Nik occupies his free seconds with the creation of speculative fiction. He writes left-handed, which explains everything else.

Matt Tanous is a software developer and anarcho-capitalist working in his spare time on ways to spread the world of liberty, both through the written word to educate and inspire, as well as developing software (posted on the GitHub account CodingAnarchy) designed to assist in circumventing unjust state edicts and help people to truly be free. Connect with Matthew on Twitter @CodingAnarchy

Richard Walsh is the co-creator of The Adventures of Seamus Tripp, a middle-grade adventure series that takes readers to a world of Monsters, Treasure, Magic, and Mystery. He’s a part-time writer and full-time husband, father, and accountant. He lives with his family and a pack of basset hounds in the suburbs of Minneapolis and stays busy with local politics and light (very light) jogging. His writing has previously been featured in Ama-Gi and Perchance to Dream. Connect with Richard on Twitter at @rbwalsh_scifi.