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Book Review on “Altar & Throne” by Justin Fowler
Cyborg cities. Mobile marketplaces. Native territories. Dusty, ancient prisons. Agoristic lands in the heart of Mexico. Underground bunkers. And an eco-city made up of concentric circles. Breathtaking chases, late night brawls, technological scheming, messages of love and freedom, and the threat of warfare. All these and more can be found within the pages of The Agorist Writer’s Workshop’s compendium of author-submitted short stories written specifically for this first volume of The Clarion Call: Anarchy Rising….



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“I read this book in an afternoon. The authors sized their stories perfectly to build some drama and then deliver a climax. For my short attention span, this was just perfect.

You could definitely tell their were different voices diving into each story. But, you felt an overall cohesive blend by the end. It would have been fun to have had a crossover story to tie some of them together. But, that is a personal preference. The mix of stories was super gratifying and I ended up buying five copies to give as gifts. I may even buy five more!”

“Greatly enjoyed this anthology. If I have one complaint it’s that some of the shorts were too short – wanted more! Perhaps they could be developed into a full book?

Nice snack sized views of how societies of peaceful, voluntary exchanges could develop and what that would look like. Mainly, after some type of collapse or prolonged time of extreme authoritarian rule.

Look forward to the next anthology, I’ll be purchasing that one, too.”

“Great short stories! Almost too short. Each story left me in suspense wanting to know what will happen next. I will definitely be looking for Vol II!!”