Meet the Authors of Vol. 2

About the Authors

Jon Garett is co-creator of The Adventures of Seamus Tripp
and author of Willy Wise’s Garden. He is a founding member of
the Agorist Writers’ Workshop and partner in Very Good Books.
He lives and writes in Minnesota with his inspirations: three
cats, a parakeet and his wife. He spends his non-writing time
hiking and camping and hoping that through his literary enterprises
he can entertain and inform a new audience about the world of

A lover of the convergence between art and the written word,
Genesis Mickel is co-creator and Editor-in-Chief of the Agorist
Writers’ Workshop. She hopes the project inspires and sparks a
thousand flames of liberty in an audience ready for a new, yet
timeless, message of freedom. Her first loves include her talented
muse of a husband and the sunshine of her life – her toddler
daughter, as well as enjoying backyard forays into nature,
birdwatching, and hobby farming, presently including several
chickens, several thousand honeybees, and plenty of dreams to do

Diane L. Andersen was born and raised in St. Louis,
descended from a long line of prominent pioneer stock tracing
back to the first English settlement in Jamestown. With such a
heritage came a childhood full of stories that led to a life-long love
of history. The story included here, The Vacant Chair, was
inspired by her third great grandfather’s experience living in
Missouri during the Civil War. After earning a BA in education
from Concordia University, River Forest, IL she spent twenty-five
years in classroom teaching before turning to writing historical
fiction. She has published a few short stories as well as several
non-fiction articles and an upcoming historical novel series to her
credit. She currently lives in Illinois with her husband, two dogs
and a cat.

Bokerah Brumley is a speculative fiction writer making stuff
up on a trampoline in West Texas. When she’s not playing with the
quirky characters in her head, she’s addicted to Twitter pitch
events, writing contests, and social media, in general. She cares for
a ten-acre Permaculture farm with her husband, five homeeducated
children, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and two
dogs. With several novella releases scheduled for 2016, Bokerah
has too much planned for this year, but is happily doing it anyway.
In her imaginary spare time, she also serves as the blue-haired
Publicity Officer for the Cisco Writers Club.

Joseph Knowles is a lawyer and lover of books. He lives with
his wife and children in Virginia. The Six-Sided Cabin of Calhoun
County is his first published short story.

Lela Markham is an Alaska novelist raised in a house of
books who told stories almost as soon as she could talk. If you
write them down, it’s not considered lying. When she’s not writing
speculative fiction or rabble-rousing on liberty issues on her blog,
she can often be found wandering through the woods in search of
dragons … uh, er, bears … in the company of her adventuresome
husband and two fearless offspring and assorted, occasionally
terrified, friends.

Lyssa Chiavari is an author of speculative fiction for young
adults, including the critically-acclaimed Fourth World, the first
book in the Iamos trilogy. Her short fiction has appeared in Ama-gi
magazine, Wings of Renewal, and Perchance to Dream, an
anthology of YA Shakespeare retellings which she also edited.
When she’s not writing—which isn’t often—you can usually find
her exploring the woods near her home in the Pacific Northwest or
losing an unreasonable number of life balloons on Donkey Kong.
Visit Lyssa on the web at

Heather Biedermann is a viking libertarian, librarian and a
Libra. Say that five times fast! She has a masters degree in both
library information science and in educational leadership. Heather
lives in Minnesota with her family where she wrangles two rescue
cats and is an avid fan of all things nerdy. For fun, you can find her
frequenting sci-fi conventions, glamping, or with her nose in a

Cara Schulz is a journalist and author living in Minnesota.
She has previously written for PAGAN+politics, PNC-Minnesota,
and Patheos. Her work has appeared in several books by
Bibliotheca Alexandrina and she’s the author of Martinis &
Marshmallows: A Field Guide to Luxury Tent Camping and
(Almost) Foolproof Mead Making. Currently, she’s a senior
correspondent for The Wild Hunt, a news organization serving the
Pagan, Heathen, and polytheist communities.

Mark Johnson is an author of software documentation and
unauthorized, non-state-sponsored fiction. His company, Penelope
Press, publishes illustrated children’s picture books that are
enjoyed by dozens of readers throughout Minnesota and
Wisconsin. He lives in Bloomington, MN.

Calvin Mickel is a software developer, new father, and semiretired
gaming enthusiast (new father). He has been a fair-tomiddling
martial arts practitioner since childhood and a sporadic
but enthusiastic reader for just as long. A lifelong aspirant, Calvin
has an innate curiosity and enjoys pondering different perspectives
and new ideas.

Peregrinus finds the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) very
simple and the fact that most don’t, very confusing. S/he believes
in natural property rights and is fundamentally a nice person who
wants anarchists & their fellow travelers to go beyond NAP
political theory and become living, breathing examples of kindness
& courage.

Described as “an edgy 12 y/o, propably [sic] trying to troll.”
by an edgy 12 year-old trying to troll. Christopher Burg’s first
official act after becoming a Discordian pope was to
excommunicate himself. Since then he has been advocating
anarchism, agorism, and crypto-anarchism to anybody willing to
listen. Dubbing himself as a discount security advisor to the proles,
he tries to teach his fellow radicals how to use technology to avoid
the gaze of Big Brother. In his spare time he enjoys long walks on
the beach, judo, iaido, trips to the gun range, and annoying statists.

Connect with Christopher on Twitter at @ComradeBurg.

Matt Tanous is a software developer and anarcho-capitalist
working in his spare time on ways to spread the world of liberty,
both through the written word to educate and inspire, as well as
discussing technology designed to assist in circumventing unjust
state edicts and help people to truly be free through the Facebook
page Coding Anarchy.

Connect with Matt on Twitter @CodingAnarchy

Justin Fowler has one foot set in the future, and one in the
distant past, what with his avid thirst for ancient history and his
associate’s degree in web design and digital multimedia, and all. A
voluntaryist with Anabaptist leanings who advocates for the
abolition of the state, he believes that the march of freedom down
through the eons comes through the vein of seeing the innocence
of the victim of history as revealed by Yeshua Mashiach. He is cofounder of Altar & Throne, a Christian libertarian site, and The
Wondering Pilgrims, a Youtube broadcast with open-ended
theological and philosophical dialogue. Also, he’ll do up your
website if you exchange something valuable in return, at

Tim Walker is an independent author based near Windsor in
Berkshire, UK. He recently self-published his first novel, a post-
Brexit thriller, Devil Gate Dawn, set ten years in the future. He is
currently writing an historical fiction series set in the post-Roman
years between AD410-500, A Light in the Dark Ages, and has
published the first part, Abandoned! Part Two, Ambrosius: Last of
the Romans is due out later this year.

The River Thames was the inspiration for his first book, a
book of short stories, Thames Valley Tales, from which a revised
version of the story in this volume is taken. His story Murder at
Henley Regatta, was recently selected for inclusion in an anthology
of emerging writers, Fresh Ink.

Tim was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Liverpool and
studied in South Wales and Bristol, before moving to London
where he worked in newspaper publishing for 10 years.

Author website:
Blog Site:
Twitter: @timwalker1666

Eric John Nies lives on the South Dakota / Wyoming border
with his wife and two children. When asked why he chooses to live
in a rural area, he notes that a small population leads to less
government. He works as a business and estate planning attorney
and enjoys reading and the outdoors.

Richard Walsh is a writer, libertarian political activist, and skeptic. He lives in Minneapolis with his family and a pack of basset hounds.

Richard has published short fiction in Bards & Sages,
Bewildering Stories, and many anthologies. He writes stories that
examine markets, emergence, and the relationship of the individual
and the state.

He is also half of the duo responsible for The Adventures of
Seamus Tripp, a comic-adventure series that transports readers to a
Victorian world of monsters, treasure, magic, and mystery.

When not writing, Richard stays busy with local politics,
video games, and light (very light) jogging. Follow him on Twitter
at @rbwalsh_scifi and check out his website