Vol. 5: Fire and Faith


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Freedom is not purchased without sacrifice and significance in this world. It must be fought for with passionate fire and spirit, lest it be lost beyond all hope of recovery. And it often requires a leap of faith.

In this fifth volume of the Clarion Call, thirteen authors explore the overlap between liberty and spiritual meaning and truth. A search and struggle which spans all space, all time, and all faiths. The universe awaits those who would grasp the eternal torch of liberty passed down through the ages. Those who would have the faith to believe that freedom is worth fighting for, and able to finally prevail. May these stories be added to the burning testimony of those who did not give up the fight for liberty, in fire and faith!

Clarion Call Testimonials

“Intriguing collection of short stories on the theme ‘Liberty’, exploring that delicate relationship between the powers of authority and the rights of the individual in our highly structured societies. Each author has a different take or perspective, giving an entertaining and thought-provoking resonance to the echoes of liberty.”

∼ Amazon Reviewer on Echoes of Liberty, Clarion Call Vol. 2

“I’ve always been a fan of short stories. For the time it would take to finish lunch, one’s already under my belt. […] An eclectic assortment of paranormal tales filled the pages. Many of them thrust my imagination into overdrive; my kind of read.”

∼ Paul Faulk on Unbound, Clarion Call Vol. 3

“All the stories in this book are so vastly different: there are fantasies with fates and fairies, magic and pixies. There are contemporaries, set in the dangers of an Alaskan winter or current Washington politics. There are action-packed paranormal plots and a story where the entire tale takes place within a shopping mall. Some of the lessons were rather heavy-handed; others were so subtle, I barely realized it was meant to be about politics or philosophy. While I did not enjoy all of the stories, there is such a variety of retellings here that it seems one should be able to find quite a few to love no matter what your preference is.”

∼ twigstwinenvine on Fairytale Riot, Clarion Call Vol. 4 

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