Who We Are


We are a small group of liberty-minded individuals with an interest in creative writing, professional autonomy, and sharing the message of freedom and personal accountability. Our backgrounds include various forms of writing  and publishing experience ranging from technical writing and peer-review editing to advanced fan fiction and self-published novels.  A common thread among us is a desire for entrepreneurship met with personal growth and creativity, while encouraging others with similar interests to pursue the same.

We formed quite synergistically in the late summer of 2014 while sitting around a table at AgoraFest 2014 (www.agorafest.com) discussing the mechanics of self-publishing. The conversation lit a spark of enterprising spirit and we recognized an opportunity to contribute to the greater liberty movement through publishing books of our own. By the end of our meeting, we had the framework of our book concept defined and we left the table highly motivated to bring the concept into reality.

We chose the multi-author anthology as our literary medium in order to encourage community participation and boost interest in and exposure to the project. Fall 2015 marked our first publication, which we named The Clarion Call. We intend to expand into other annual anthology publications as sister projects to The Clarion Call. Our next project will likely be a dedicated libertarian sci-fi anthology series, and are also considering other themes such as children’s book series.

Our core goals are 1) to provide an accessible means for people to explore and voice their perspective in the liberty movement, and 2) to expose new people to liberty concepts and address common difficulties people have with libertarianism, anarchy, and free market principles.

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